I'm a UX Design Lead within Cloud, Data and AI at IBM. I work in a multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers and product managers working towards creating user-centric products infused with AI.


I have a strong foundation using design thinking principles that help guide my design process so I can better address user needs with successful outcomes.

I am a designer at heart and approach every opportunity with a human-centered mindset. I value simple designs with small details that make all the difference.

Speaking engagements

IBM Think 2019

Conference presenter

Abstract: Shaping the Future of Augmented Analytics

With the rise of self-service analytics, there is a need for intuitive data preparation tools that are accessible to users at all skill levels. IBM Cognos Analytics has started to leverage augmented intelligence to accelerate data preparation, allowing users to get to insights and outcomes more quickly. To successfully design for this experience, understanding user needs, workflows and priorities is key. Help us envision the future of analytics by joining this interactive design session, where you'll provide live feedback as you are guided through a scenario. The goal of this session is to understand how you see augmented intelligence becoming a part of your analytics workflow.

Women in Communications and Technology

Guest speaker (2019)


Introduction to IBM Enterprise Design Thinking

Carleton University Guest speaker (2019)


Design Thinking: The human-centered approach to problem solving

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