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Ilse Breedvelt, Design Principal and Master Inventor

"It's been my pleasure to work with you this year. In the second week of September, we were asked to provide a design for the integration between Watson Assistant and Cognos Analytics. You were able to quickly get up to speed, and before I knew it you started putting draft designs together.


I was really impressed by your ability to adjust, pivot, and provide designs that resonated with the stakeholders. I always appreciate that you can make time to immediately discuss next steps or receive feedback.


I hope to work with you again in the near future!"

Crystelle Sicat, Visual Design Lead

"It was great being able to work closer with you on a project this year! You did a great job in exploring designs and doing your best to use components and patterns from Carbon and figuring out ways to get it to scale within Cognos Analytics. You are always very transparent with your designs and often sharing which is great for the team to encourage consistency across the product.


You have been a pleasure to work with, I appreciate the good vibes you spread across the team :) It really makes a whole difference."

Uthi Thiyagarajah, UX Designer

"Throughout the mentorship program, you played such a key role! You took the initiative to set-up all of the meetings, send emails and were always the direct source of communication. I found that you constantly provided thoughtful feedback each session/meeting and were really good at providing tangible examples that the students could use.


I also felt you were patient with the students and always went out of your way to make sure everyone was aligned, and instructions were clear. Overall really good job!"

Natalia Bagan, UX Design Lead

"I believe your communication during the entire time we were mentoring was one of your greatest strengths. Because we had two teams, we had to ensure we were communicating the same problem statement, suggested process, and they received the same overall benefit/feedback. I found you were very proactive with your communication and transparent with progress/challenges."

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