IBM Think 2019

IBM Think 2019 was a five-day premier tech conference located in San Francisco. The conference had over 30,000 in attendance and showcases IBM's cutting-edge technologies.

As a conference presenter, I had the opportunity to co-present a session called Shaping the Future of Augmented Analytics. The goal of the session was to understand how we can leverage AI into Cognos Analytics and create an automated data preparation experience. From previous research, this was a major pain point and tedious task for many users.

Conference abstract

Shaping the Future of Augmented Analytics 

With the rise of self-service analytics, there is a need for intuitive data preparation tools that are accessible to users at all skill levels. IBM Cognos Analytics has started to leverage augmented intelligence to accelerate data preparation, allowing users to get to insights and outcomes more quickly. To successfully design for this experience, understanding user needs, workflows and priorities is key. Help us envision the future of analytics by joining this interactive design session, where you'll provide live feedback as you are guided through a scenario. The goal of this session is to understand how you see augmented intelligence becoming a part of your analytics workflow. All participants must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


The session was presented twice and we received over 100 in attendance combined. The presentation was well received and attendees communicated that they enjoyed the interactive poll. The insights taken from the session was used to inform automatic data cleansing designs in IBM Cognos Analytics.


(Session responses confidential) 

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